Chapter #1: Understanding what is cancer

Why we need to understand cancer?

Simply because we cannot beat an adversary that we don't know!

In fact the majority of people don't have a clue what
EXACTLY is cancer! Everybody is scared of it but very few do some research to learn more about this enemy and that's a very big mistake!

Whether you have cancer or not, take a few minutes of your time to learn more about it, as this could save your life one day. We invite you to do your own research on this subject. Of course, don't believe everything you read online but after reading a lot of pages on many different websites, you will have a pretty good idea of what is cancer so that you are ready for the fight if it comes.

Here's for now a glimpse of the the research we did on cancer. Hope you will like it :-). Of course, do not take this basic cancer course as medical advice as we are not doctors here. However, you can print this page and have a chat with your physician.

The 2 main differences

To simplify things up, there are 2 main differences between a normal/healthy cell and a cancer cell.

1-Water vs Acid

Simply put, a normal cell is filled with water while a cancer cell is filled with acid.

According to
Dr. Otto Warburg (see photo), 1931 Medecine Nobel Prize winner, by fermenting the sugar, the cancer cell and the tumor are filled with acid and it's this acid that burns and causes all the pains related to cancer.

35 years after receiving his Nobel Prize, he still didn't change his mind and persist that despite all the different factors causing cancer (heredity, stress, free radicals, trans fat, viruses, etc) cancer really starts when a cell start to ferment sugar instead of burning it.

He's convinced that all cancers have this in common.

2-Damaged DNA

We can put thousands of cells on a needle head so how come 1 small cancer cell is so dangerous to our health?

This is where comes in our 2nd difference between a normal and a cancer cell. The DNA of a normal cell is intact while the DNA of a cancer cell is dmaged. DNA is located in the center of the cell and controls cell division. Normal cells can divide around once a month while cancer cell have totally lost control over their cell division, because of the damaged DNA and this causes the cancer cells to divide continuously.

In fact, a tumor is nothing but a ball of cancer cells all similar to the 1st one which means that each cell inside the tumor have oxygen absorption problems, they all ferment sugar, have damaged DNA and divide uncontrollably.

What you need to remember in this chapter is that once a cancer has started, it becomes now an INTRA-CELLULAR ACIDITY problem. The keyword here is ACID.

(Cancer Course: Lesson 2)