hear that a cancer cure has been found already sounds strange enough but to hear that the cure is listed on a US Government website and that this cure worked in 100% of the cases and that this research was done in...1984(!!!) is really the cherry on the top.

Many will think it's a big joke but it's not and that's what's fascinating about it. So let's cut to the chase shall we and take a look at this research made by the Dr. Aubrey Keith Brewer.

You can see this cancer cure by going to the US government site named Pubmed.gov and once there, enter the research # 6522424.

Ok now let's analyse what Dr.Brewer said in his cancer research conclusion here...

He said that Cesium (a natural alkaline mineral) entered cancer cells and was able to raise the pH level to 8 which stopped the cancer cells mitosis (uncontrolled cell division) and that it made the life of those cancer cells short.

Now if you don't know what is cancer, this sounds like science fiction but when you studied cancer a bit, you know that a cancer cell is filled with acid and that alkaline minerals can neutralize the acidity inside an acidic solution. Most people know about Sodium or Calcium but very few people know about Cesium as you don't see this alkaline mineral in foods that we eat.

Then he goes on by saying that tests have been done on mice and humans and that in the case of the 30 humans, all their tumors have disappeared. Finally, he says that Cesium also made all the pains related to cancer disappear within 12-36 hrs.

This last sentence makes perfect sense when you know that all the pains related to cancer come from the acid inside and outside of the cancer cells/tumor that are burning the surrounding tissues and when Cesium is introduced near a tumor, it starts to neutralize the acidity that's on top of the tumor which relieves pains in the process.

So basically, it's not the Cesium alkaline mineral that's killing the cancer cells but the fact that with Cesium, the low pH (acidic) solution of the cancer cells is raised to the pH 8 level where the cancer cell cannot divide and survive.

If you have cancer or know someone who has one, you quickly realize that you feel powerless and scared a lot and this is due to the fact that very few people know EXACTLY what is cancer. They know it's a nasty disease and that it kills you or that the "treatments" like surgeries, chemo and radio therapies are very tough on the body but very few people know what is cancer and we ALWAYS fear what we don't know.

So when my brother was diagnozed with brain cancer in jan 2006, and kept on getting better month after month that passed by after taking Cesium Chloride (btw, he said NO to brain surgery, chemo or radio therapies), I decided to post here my research on this topic for other people to know about it. So I STRONGLY suggest that you read these following 3 pages cancer course as this could save your life one day.

(Cancer Course: Lesson 1)