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Anti-Aging, Health and Future of Medecine

hen I did research on cancer, I discovered many interesting scientific research on cells and the power of beliefs that I talk in my Subconscious Mind research.

One of those research was done by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book "The Biology of Beliefs". Basically, Bruce tells us that for many decades, we've been told that we live in the "Genetics Control" Era while in fact we live in the "EPIGenetics Control" Era.

Genetics Control means that our genes are in control of our cells. For example, we have brown eyes because we have cells that creates brown eyes and those cells have been created by our genes and our genes well, we are kinda victim to them because we got them from our parents who also have brown eyes and there's nothing we can do about it right??

And this where Dr. Lipton's research comes in. He proved that we live in the "EPI" Genetics Control era where EPI means "Above" so EpiGenetics Control means the Control Above our Genes. He took 1 DNA sample and made 2 copies of it. He put 1 sample and put it in 1 environment and it grew nerve cells, the 2nd copy was put in a different environment but this time, even by being an exact replica of the 1st sample, the genes started making fat cells and the 3rd sample also in a different environment started making muscle cells.

So he concluded that there are factors OUTSIDE of the body that are affecting the DNA where the genes can start producing different cells if they are put in different environments

He then proved that it was not just environment that was affecting the creation of cells but also the "perception" of the environment which are beliefs of the gene's carrier. In other words, by having a change of environment and/or beliefs, you can change the genes and if you change the genes, you change the cells they create.

Here's a video with Dr. Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics.

Even though this research sounds weird, it is still backed by science and I can even confirm that he was right because on my forum, I have a member who decided to create a NAP (Night Audio Program) to implant in his Subconscious Mind a new belief that would make his hair cells grow blond hair while in fact he always grew brown hair before. 5 months later, he sent me pics of what he did and sure enough, his hair was now growing blond.

Of course anybody can fake these pictures but for me, it makes perfect sense and can be done because I know based on my 20+ year research on the Subconscious Mind that it contain our beliefs so if Dr. Lipton's research says that to change a cell you need to change your beliefs, then playing in our Subconscious Mind is where the change will begin. More research will be needed to know if things like this are possible for everybody and if it is, then we are entering a very exciting time because that would mean that if beliefs control our cells, we could enter in our SM, reprogram it using NAPs and make our cells grow younger instead of older.

1 of the test I will do 1 day wil be about trying to change the color of my eyes so that if it works, I will have a proof that Dr. Lipton's research is real and that we can really change our body/cells by changing our beliefs and that we can change our beliefs by using a NAP with a simple affirmation like "Your brown eyes are now blue".

Changing from brown eyes to blue eyes is not new. LIsten to Tony Robbins talk about Dr.Bernie Siegel's research on multiple personality disorder patients. He noticed that when they change personalities, they would change their inner beliefs too and by doing so, they would literally change in a flash the color of their eyes.


As usual, I will keep you updated if I see any change.



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