e now take a look at parallel realities based on the research on Time which I suggest you read first if you haven't done so already.

Parallel realities are not that strange and Quantum Physics are even talking about it as you can see here.

Just to recap the discussion on Time, our human lives are like a 3D movie timeline where all the frames are ALL created in 1 moment in time called the NOW, just like in a movie strip where all the frames are visible at once. The movement of our consciousness through this 3D movie strip is what we call TIME.

Our physical body, by sitting in the movie theater, cannot see the past or future frames but ONLY the NOW frame. However, our higher consciousness (Higher Mind, Soul, etc...) can see where we are going and sometimes, our consciousness will disconnect itself from the NOW frame and reconnect itself for a second in the Future frames and then reconnect itself back on the NOW frame so when we see those "Future" frames unfold in the present (in front of our eyes), we call this intuition or deja vu because it feels like we have already seen the frames we are seeing now.


To understand this concept, imagine that there are not just 1 movie strip but an infinite amount, each one similar but slightly different than the ones above/below.

For example, in the movie strip A, you could be in the timeline you are in right now and in movie strip B just under it, it could be you with a different eye color but where the world aroud you, friends, family, house, job is exactly the same as the movie stip A. In the movie strip C you could be living the same life as movie strip A but with 1 million $ in your bank account.


To imagine all those parallel realities that we can jump into, I use a disco ball like this one below. Just like our present life's movie timeline, the universe disco ball has an infinite amount of frames and timelines. Just replace the 100s of little square mirrors with 3D movie frames.

Each horizontal lines would represent a timeline so jumping horizontally would mean doing Time Travel so instead of being right now, you could disconnect from the NOW frame and reconnect your consciousness anywhere on that specific timeline where frames to the left would mean going earlier in that timeline and frames to the right would mean going further ahead in time than the previous frame of the timeline.

Jumping vertically as shown on this image, would represent staying in the same period of time (ex: Today) but where we would experience a different lifestyle as I discussed earlier.

Each one of these timelines and frames has their own frequency so when we want to attract something using the Law of Attraction, we have to disconnect from 1 timeline (ex: dead broke timeline) and vibrate at the frequency needed to move ourselves to the other timeline above/below it where we are in the possession of what we want.

There is nothing amazing about jumping from 1 parallel reality to another, in fact we are pretty much doing it every second of the day when our consciousness moves from 1 frame to the next one during our present timeline, it's just that we have been programmed since birth to ONLY jump horizontally and inside the SAME timeline in order to experience a life that moves logically forward in time with everybody else around us.

This sequential movement is, in itself, an illusion of time created by a belief and once we remove it, we will be able to disconnect from a sequential time flow and jump all over the universe's disco ball of 3D frames in both horizontal and vertical directions.

This is what the spiritual world call "The 5th Dimension Ascension" or "The end of the cycle of limitations" where limiting beliefs are dissolved and where we move to a 5th dimension that will let us not only see the whole disco ball with infinite timelines but let us jump in the timelines/frames we will choose.



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