(Reality Is An Illusion)

understand this, we need to look at a few videos on Quantum Physics explaining us the structure of the building block of life called an ATOM. Everything that is around us is made of atoms, the air, the water the ground, the sun, the planets, our bodies, etc... This was the atom model perceived for many years by science, we can call this one the "OLD MODEL".

I said "Old model" because with modern technology and electron microscopes, we've been been able to see that it is not like that anymore. The electron is not located at very specific spots around the nucleus like planets circling the sun but rather is spread all over the place like water droplets inside a cloud. All these small dots are the "multiple possibilities" where the electrons may be located around the nucleus.

Now if you look closely in the animation image below, you should see that once in a while you will see a tiny red spot appear at a fixed location and this could be understood as the phrase that quantum physics talk about called "The Collapse of the wave function".

Electrons/Atoms are either in the cloud form also called the "wave form" or in a more condensed form called the "particle form" where the cloud/wave would collapse on itself into 1 specific spot making the electron/atom a visible particle.

On top of that, for many decades they thought that the nucleus in the center of the atom was solid but it turns out that atoms are like tiny soap bubbles made of 99.999% empty space inside the outter shell and that shell is not solid either but made of an electromagnetic field so we could "in theory", pass our hands through an atom and not touch something solid.

I said "in theory" because even though atoms are not solid, their electromagnetic outer shell are repelling other atoms just like 2 magnets can repel each other.

For example we may see a wood table that looks solid but in fact, it's made up of billions of those empty spaced atoms. Now once you know that, you will NEVER see the "solid" objects around you the same way.

Here's a short clip telling you a bit what I just said. I like the part in the end where Michio Kaku says that he's not sitting on the chair but floating over it because the atoms of his body repels the atoms of the chair.


So now you know that it is scientifically proven that everything solid around us is just an illusion and that everything is made up of atoms that are not solid but rather just small bubbles of energy with an electromagnetic field around them and mostly empty space inside and that everything inside the atom's nucleus (protons, neutrons, quarks, etc) are also made of energy and non-solid matter.

So if the world around us is made of atoms and they are in the "cloud or wave" form (invisible to the eyes and instruments) and can be turned visible when the collapse of the cloud creates the "solid" atom particle, you might be wondering what is making the atom go from cloud to particle?

The answer to that is the VIBRATION/FREQUENCY that the cloud is vibrating at. If you change the electro-magnetic charge of an atom, you literally change it's structure.

These intents/thoughts have an electro-magnetic charge that when picked up by the atom cloud, can suddenly change it's structure and have an effect on the matter around us.

So if we are sending out those frequencies where is this electro-magnetic generator located inside of us? The brain?

According to Gregg Braden, scientists are now starting to understand that the strong frequencies able to change the electro-magnetic field of atoms around us would be coming from the human heart.

He also mentions in this Mp3 file that our beliefs are the EM field the heart is sending out to the world and atoms around us.


Now as to whether Gregg is right or not when he says that it's our beliefs and not our intents that are sent out in the form of an electromagnetic field that are changing the atoms, many here will disagree and tell him that he's dead wrong but to me that would make perfect sense since we can look at a broken leg and place an intent, many of us will not fix the broken leg because we would lack the belief that Gregg is talking about.

Whether it's intents or beliefs that are sent out, one thing is sure, WE are the generator of frequencies that are changing the atoms around us. We just have to dig deeper into this research to find out why sometimes it works and why sometimes it doesn't.

My POV on this is that those frequencies are coming from beliefs that are stored in our Subconscious Mind and are then sent out to the heart so that those frequencies are picked up by atoms around us.

I hope you liked this one.


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