many people including myself, Time is a fascinating subject but in many spiritual groups, time doesn't exist, they talk about the "NOW" where every seconds are all frozen in 1 moment and our consciousness would skip from 1 moment to the next creating Time in the process. I will try my best to explain to my fellow left brainers this bizarre concept.

Just remember that those are just theories and most of what i'm talking here cannot yet be proven by science. However, i'm sure you will find that all this talk makes sense and that in the end, most of the "chapters or sections" can be connected like pieces of a big puzzle.

You will see that time, intuition, this concept of 5th dimension ascension, parallel universe are all different pieces of the same puzzle. Once you understand Time, all the other pieces will fall into place.

So let's get to it shall we?


I will start explaining Time using the analogy of a motion picture playing in front of our eyes, a 3D movie in fact.

So imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a movie theater and the movie suddenly stops and is put on pause.

Let's say that in the previous frames or PAST frames, the actor on the screen was getting into his car and in the PRESENT or NOW frame, the actor is driving his car on the highway which is this frame that you see on the movie screen because it's on pause.

This view of the film would represent the view that our physical bodies are force to see in this 3D world. We ONLY see 1 frame at a time. We can remember the PAST frames but we don't know how to bring them back on the movie screen because right now, it's the NOW/Present frame that appears on the screen. We don't see yet the FUTURE frames where the actor arrives at his destination and gets out of the car.

This way of perceving reality is called sequencial viewing where we have no choice of seeing the movie flow in this specific sequencial order where each frame for example could be displayed every 1 second from the next one and always from left to right so that ALL humans see the exact same reality at the exact same time (ex: the 911 Twin Towers falling around 10 am on 9/11/01).

Now here comes the crazy part. Us, human bodies, can see 1 frame at the time BUT if we would move 1 step higher (ex: the level of our soul) we would see things very differently. Why? Because at the soul level, it would be the equivalent of watching the same movie BUT from the point of view of the projection room.

At the level of the soul (aka 5th dimension), time doesn't exist anymore, our present life's timeline is just like a movie film strip that is stretched in front of our eyes. ALL the frames of the movie is fixed in "1 moment of time" where there is no PAST nor FUTURE at this point because you don't have to follow the movie in sequencial order anymore.


The projectionist can jump and see a frame in the FUTURE (Frame 1) then jump back to a frame in the PAST then look at the PRESENT/NOW frame that we see on the movie screen and then jump back again in the PAST. Get the picture?

At this level of perception, time doesn't exist. If this movie timeline would represent our lives, we could jump from the birth frame to the frame where we die and avoid 100 years of sequencial display.

THIS...is what they mean by everything (the entire movie picture) was created in 1 moment..THE NOW.

THIS...is what they mean by..in the 5th dimension ascension, time will not be linear anymore.

So to recap, in the 3D world, our body can only see 1 frame of our life's timeline: the NOW frame while our soul, just like in the projection room of a movie theater, can see the NOW frame but also the past and future frames. For the soul, it's just like projecting our consciousness through a different frame then the one our body sees below.


I know that this information might make your head spin but past life regressions and Intuition could be a way to prove that this crazy stuff is real. For the soul, to move to a past life, there nothing more easy to do. You just move the projector (our consciousness) to the left side before the 1 frame of our present timeline and we will project on the movie screen the past life we were living. You can even do the same but move in the future where we have died and started our life in the next body.

I remember when I was young, I saw on TV a report on a psychic lady who predicted an ariplane crash with I think 123 people dying and sure enough, that place crash on that predicted date with the exact amount of people dying. If you are a left brainer or a skeptic, your head spins when you hear that because YOU KNOW that the odds are astronomical to be right on this call.

For left brainers, crystal ball or card reading to know the future is stupid and a waste of time because nobody knows the future right? Well that's what I though until a month ago where I had a very weird experience that totally shook me up. Here it is.

I was driving my car on let's call it street A and just before I entered the intersection of street B, I saw a mini cooper waiting on the red light. When I was in the middle of the intersection, I suddenly had a flash of the future. I saw that as soon as I pass the intersection, the mini would pass on the red light and follow my car. Then boom, I was back in the present again.

As soon as I came back to the present and passed the intersection, I looked in my rear mirror to confirm this vision and sure enough the mini passed on the red light and follow my car. I was stunned.

Here's the "logical" explanation on this...

When I entered the intersection, my soul disconnected from the NOW frame of my life timeline and looked for 1 sec at the FUTURE frames and then reconnected 1 sec later in the NOW frame.

So when I came back in the NOW frame, I knew how the upcoming frames would look like and by watching in my rear miror, I got the confirmation of this FUTURE playing exactly how I saw it 2 seconds ealier. Weird issn't it. I also at the casino saw for some reason the next winning number on roulette and sure enough, that vision came true also.

I think that's enough for today right :-) Hope you are not already banging your head on the walls.

I will continue this chat in a future thread talking about Parallel realities. If your head is not spinning now, it will on this topic. :-)



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