understand life and all it's mystery, you can leave it to chance or you can do like me and do some research on it. Here's just a few "sectors" that I devoted some time on.

Want to get rich but don't know where to start? This research might help you find the best way to become the millionaire you always wanted to be.

Subconscious Mind/Law Of Attraction/Beliefs
You read Think & Grow Rich or The Secret, watched many Abraham-Hicks videos and STILL can't manage to attract what you want in life? This section is for you.

Did you know that a cancer cure has ALREADY been found and that it's listed on a US Government website? Things that will make you go Hhmmm!

Reality is an illusion???
This sounds crazy I know but when Einstein, Heisenberg and his fellow Quantum Physicist are talking about it, you listen carefully.

Time, Deja Vu and Intuition.
What if time didn't exist? What if it was a construct of our own consciousness? This is what millions of spiritual teachers and people are believing.

Parallel Realities.
Movies talk about it, Quantum Physics confirms it. This crazy concept of jumping realities is not an illusion anymore. However, jumping from 1 parallel reality to another one is easier said than done.

Anti-aging/Health/Future of Medecine.
A new science came to life recently, it's called "EpiGenetics Control". Could this be the fountain of youth? Will we created the physical body we want to? My research seems to confirm it.